A Litany of Salmon
Salmon Pilgrim
Inspired by salmon extinction and Peace Pilgrim, I became Salmon Pilgrim and began a pilgrimage to all the rivers in the Columbia River Basin where salmon are extinct. For two years I followed the ghosts of salmon as they led me deep into the heart of the Columbia River. Join me as I retrace my footsteps.
Salmon Pilgrim's Progress
April 12, 2000
"This morning I feel renewed  and strengthened
in my resolve. Amma's grace flows through from Her infinite ocean of compassion. I am grateful. A redwing blackbird calls on this sunny April morning. All is well."
To be continued. . .
February 16, 2000
"What is my purpose? To be happy,
to bring beauty and happiness to others, to inspire (receive inspiration and share it with others). To be a bright light in the world. It is time to start writing my dreams down again. They show me everything I need to know."
April 9, 2000
"It's crystal clear what I need to be doing
-- that which brings me joy, that which makes me happy--the sacred play of a salmon pilgrimage. And reporting from the field on "Salmon Pilgrim's Progress."
February 28, 2000
"All I seem to have are bad dreams-
insurrection, war, tests I am unprepared to take.
Salmon Pilgrim
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